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Mentioned in The Guardian 17th August 2012 - Historic Britain: days out and short breaks.


Revealing Ancient Landscapes

Revealing Ancient Landscapes

By Siân Ellis August 2009

“What is more thrilling than walking along a coastal path and picking up bits of flint, still sharp and viable, that someone hasn’t held for 6,000 years?” asks Mary Baker.
“Or looking at a map, spotting where there might be an earthwork, and going the next day to find out? .... Read more of this interview (pdf)

Take a trip round South Wales with Archaeotours and visit ancient tombs and medieval castles

Wales Tales

Take a trip round South Wales with Archaeotours and visit ancient tombs and medieval castles
By Lucy Fisher Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2006

"Enormous bluestone slabs form the walls and roof of Pentre Ifan, a bronze age burial chamber near Newport, South Wales, which has views of the sea in one direction and Carningli (Angel Mountain) in the other. Its builders must have chosen its imposing site deliberately, say guides Mary Baker and Maria Rocke, co-founders of Archaeotours. Supplying a running commentary and picnic lunch, they take small parties around South Wales' many historic sites by car, van or foot." .... Read more of this tour

The haunting beauty of West Wales

The haunting beauty of West Wales

In the haunting beauty of West Wales, an archaeological tour breathes life into the ancient world.
By Juliet Rix 19 February 2006

"Clambering up a narrow winding path, I look at the cracked, grey rock-face to my right. "Can you see it?" asks Maria, my guide, and there emerges the outline of a cross. A kneeling-shelf juts out below, and a few coins have been pressed into fissures in the rock. "It is probably medieval," Maria tells me, "A best-selling book in the 1970s said this was the site of the Holy Grail - we got a fair few nutters up here after that. It is nothing of the sort, of course: this is solid rock and the cross is here because we are on the pilgrim route to St David's." .... Read more of this tour