Early Christian sites

Nevern Cross and Inscribed Stones - The church at Nevern has been associated with the Saint Brynach a confidant of St David. Legends and local tradition surround the siting of this church.

The church and the churchyard itself house some fine examples of inscribed stones, one of which has been named the Rosetta stone in the translation of the Ogham script in this area. Nevern is also well renowned for its beautiful example of a decorative “Celtic” cross.

The churchyard is home to the famous “bleeding” yew tree.

Nevern Cross and Inscribed Stones Nevern Cross and Inscribed Stones 

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Llanwnda - commemorative stones can be found at the Church of St Gwyndaf in the centre of the little village. The church walls are home to several very fine early Christian inscribed stones.

The village of Llanwnda houses two sites of commemorative archaeology. The earliest being a Neolithic earthfast tomb on the Carn Wnda outcrop.

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